Vaught | Hurrell Industrial Team


Dalfen Industrial

“During our recently completed $29M acquisition that the Vaught-Hurrell Industrial Team was selling in Polk County, I never once had to speak directly to the seller. Ryan and his team demonstrated their intimate knowledge of the project from the initial presentation of the acquisition opportunity through answering intricate questions during the due diligence period. Post-acquisition, we hired the team to lease the 426,000- square-foot portfolio.”​ ​ ​

Sean Dalfen

President & Chief Investment Officer

Dalfen Industrial | Dallas, TX ​

Blue Steel Development

“When Ryan Vaught and his team represent our projects, I know the project receives the attention it needs. They allow us [developer] to focus on the other important aspects of development while his team handles the leasing and selling…basically what I tell people is that you are the man.”​ ​ ​

Austin Jones


Blue Steel Development | Lakeland, FL

“Ryan and Robyn have become our go to brokers for all of our needs in the Greater Tampa area. We have been investing in that region for over 20 years and can safely say that this team brings more knowledge, creativity, work ethic and integrity than any other brokerage effort in that market.”​ ​ ​

Andrew Dubuque

Bobeck Real Estate Company | New York, NY



“Ryan and Robyn provided me the timely and comprehensive information on the market. They are clearly experts in the region and understand their business. I also appreciated the unbiased opinion of the options for my real estate holdings. They listened and wanted to work with me; not for me.”​ ​ ​

Mark Susemichel

Chief Development Officer

Browning | Indianapolis, IN

“We sincerely appreciate the efforts of the Vaught-Hurrell team in our recent acquisition of the Tri County Business Park. Their professionalism, intimate knowledge of the market and property as well as their responsiveness all greatly helped us in being able to execute on this $37M deal from contract to closing in 40 days.”

David Garfinkle

Managing Memeber

Biscayne Atlantic | Hollywood, FL

“I hold the Vaught-Hurrell Team in the highest regard in terms of their professionalism, market knowledge and integrity. ​ They’ve guided us through complex transactions and play a meaningful role in our acquisition initiatives throughout the Tampa region.”

Gregory D. Johnson

Vice President

Stag Industrial | Boston, MA

"The Colliers Tampa team is one of the strongest we work with across our platform. Their work ethic, mastery of our business and it’s drivers, boots on the ground knowledge and connectivity, and use of technology to better educate and prepare our team has been invaluable as we grow. In our most recent acquisition, they managed both sides of the transaction respectfully that allowed our team to work smoothly with the Seller. We value their team oriented approach and trust their guidance as we pursue investment opportunities and run the operations of the portfolio in the Tampa market."

Emily H. Cannon

Vice President of Acquisitions

Dogwood Industrial | Atlanta, GA

“We recently worked with the Vaught-Hurrell Industrial Team on the acquisition of the Tri County Business Park (approximately 676K square feet) in Tampa that closed in December 2017. Their in-depth market knowledge, professionalism, and work ethic from due diligence through closing facilitated a smooth transaction and a successful leasing campaign starting day one. I’d highly recommend their team for any assignment in the Central Florida market.”​ ​ ​

Evan Hanyak

Vice President

Birtcher, Anderson & Davis | San Juan Capistrano, CA

MLG Capital

“Over the past six months, Ryan Vaught and Robyn Hurrell have been a pleasure to work with. Every broker in the world promises exceptional service, but this team has delivered. Reporting and responsiveness have been excellent. The true differentiating factor Ryan and Robyn bring to the table is an ownership mindset. Their leasing, marketing and construction suggestions have all had a positive effect on the performance of our investment. I would confidently recommend them to any industrial owners in the Tampa area.”​ ​ ​

Andy Bruce

Executive Vice President & Principal

MLG Capital Real Estate Investments | Brookfield, WI


“Our partnership with the Vaught-Hurrell Industrial Team on various projects in Tampa and Lakeland has been quite the success story - from leasing long-term vacancies to pre-leasing upcoming vacancies, where we see no downtime. The team’s market knowledge, combined with their dedication and enthusiasm, are just a few key elements why we keep turning to Ryan and team on our projects.”​ ​ ​

Cassie Hanavich

Assistant Vice President

GLP | Atlanta, GA ​

“The Colliers Tampa team did a phenomenal job of jumping onto our assignment and truly investing in the success of ownership. ​ They took an immediate interest in our asset strategy, execution plan, and overall market positioning. ​ By understanding our goals and intentions, they carefully crafted a plan to present the building in its best light, leading to a competitive lease up environment and a Landlord’s dream scenario; the choice between two phenomenal transactions. ​ ​ Without question Ryan and Robyn are in the top tier of brokers we’ve worked with across our portfolio and we relish the opportunity to work with them again in the future.”

Chip Hunt

Vice President | Leasing & Marketing

RealOp Investments | Greenville, SC

Garrett Roofing

“Ryan and Robyn quickly responded to my request for a meeting. Their questions about selling one of our commercial properties was on point. Shortly after the meeting, they provided a very detailed market analysis. Being overly impressed with their thoroughness, I knew this was the right team for me! Within a matter of weeks, we had an offer and these two showed their professional strengths and guided me through the process. In less than 90 days we closed on the property and I could not be more pleased. Ryan and Robyn will be my first call in future real estate transactions!”​ ​ ​

Rick Garrett


Garrett Roofing, Inc. | Thonotosassa, FL

High Street

“I have known Ryan and Robyn for three plus years. During that time, we have pursued dozens of off-market value-add opportunities, relying on Ryan’s local market expertise to seek out opportunities and drive value through leasing.

Most recently, we called on Ryan and the team to assist High Street Realty Co. in our pursuit of an off-market opportunity. The investment was a 3 building, 194,000-square-foot multi-tenant industrial park. During the underwriting phase of acquisition, I worked closely with both leasing and property management teams, evaluating the market rents, leasing velocity and improvements in operational efficiencies to bring increase in-place rents to market.

From day-one, the entire team became an extension to the High Street team. Their willingness to become and stay personally involved with the project and each tenant has been vital to the success of the project.”​ ​ ​

David O'Reilly

Managing Director, Acquisitions

High Street Realty Company | Atlanta, GA

CJ Pallets

“You guys were terrific! You particularly excelled in a few areas where I believe you truly showed the difference between you and ANYONE else I’ve ever dealt with in similar situations. First off, Ryan was able to understand that in our particular situation the sale carried an emotional aspect as well as a financial aspect. He also managed the volatile temperament of his client (ME) and in fact more than just managing it, he was even able to leverage it when possible and diffuse it when necessary. I was also incredibly impressed with your thorough market research and knowledge, but once again, the extra you guys brought by listening to what I knew about the situation and helping us work together to leverage the situation to more than maximize the property’s potential truly separates you guys. Of course, all of that mattered because you were fundamentally able to bring buyers to the table and then to get the deal closed!”​ ​ ​

Brian Pearlman

Owner & CEO

CJ Pallets & Recycling | Lakeland, FL

MHD Communications

“Proficient, tenacious, committed. These are just the initial traits that come to mind when I think of Ryan Vaught and his team. The first deal I brought to Ryan was miniscule. But he treated it like it was his most important contract and implemented some of the best negotiation skills I have witnessed, to date. His work ethic is above reproach and his willingness to go above and beyond for his clients is what sets him apart in today’s real estate industry.”​ ​ ​

Kara Knight

Managing Partner and Director of Operations

MHD Communications | Tampa, FL ​

“Robyn provided me the timely and comprehensive information on the specific unit that I was looking for in this competitive market. ​ ​ I appreciated her unbiased opinion and her willingness to walk me through the process and get the job done quickly but professionally. ​ She is clearly an expert in this region and understands her business and throughout the process worked alongside of me. ​ She is a great partner!!” ​

Paul Cohen

Ultimate Sports Fans of Florida | Tampa, FL


“Robyn is just an amazing person, energetic, passionate and highly committed to her profession. ​ I was looking for a warehouse with very specific requirements for our industry type and she was diligent in her search, providing a healthy sampling of options in the market. Robyn continuously put herself in my shoes when it came to making decisions, and even sometimes cautioned me on locations I favored with supportable commentary. Robyn and her team will be always my 1st choice with any future business needs and will be my 1st recommendation for my entire network.”

Mohamed Elnokaly

Sesco Cement | Ft. Lauderdale, FL



"Robyn and her team assisted us with understanding a vast spectrum of options based on our company’s strategic growth initiatives and subsequently assisted in narrowing the scope of our search. Under their guidance and expertise, we decided to obtain a space that is easily accessible from our headquarters to serve as a convenient, intermediate solution as we execute our three-year expansion plan. I feel as though their approach led us to the execute the most prudent and flexible plan while still accommodating our plans for future growth."

Alex Hug


Touchfuse | Tampa, FL ​

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